PROGRAM as of March 1,2012

20th Anniversary of NEIGHBOR DAY  MAY 20, 2012   12 PM to 3PM

WESTERLY/ TOWN HALL Steps (rain-shine)


Presentation of Flags:   R.I.  Town Flag Neighbor Day Flag   USA Flag Veterans USA Flag Legislators in attendance

(Raise then Lower Flags for all Citizens (Living in Westerly and Citizens gone to their Eternal Home) May 2011-2012)    


Westerly Band Erica Anderson National Anthem 


Prayers for Love of Neighbor:   Peace, Justice, Unity

                                             Clergy in attendance Others


Proclamation: Read by President of Westerly Town Council Diana L. Serra or assign

 (prepared by Town Clerk Donna Giordano & Deputy Town Clerk Mary LeBlanc)

 to be sent to: ???



 Chairwomen Mary Jane Patriarca DiMaio & Permanent Neighbor Day Committee


Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Neighbor Day



A Segway also to

Honoring Current and Past Employees, Boards, Commissions and Committees of the Town of Westerly in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Westerly Town Hall 1912

                           (Montage of Calendar Pictures shape of W for Westerly)

        Acknowledgement of the Knights of Columbus & The Masons ..

Cornerstone of Building


Introductions by Chairwomen Mary Jane DiMaio & Vice Chair Rita Deane

(Goal of Neighbor Day Love of Neighbor and a Worldwide Neighbor Day for ALL)   


Speakers: A Welcome by Town Manager Attorney Steven Hartford,

Police Chief St. Clare, Town Clerk Donna Giordano or assign


Expressions (Sharings) from Citizens:




Westerly Band

Glorybound   Dan Lapointe

Erica Anderson ?

Benny Trombino?

Lori Urso Richards Vocalist & Marty Richards from East Greenwich

Steve Cersosimo  Mike Rogoff

Bryan DiMaio on Guitar? Stephanie DiMaio Vocalist?





Bess Eaton  Robin Busch Pawcatuck Store ,  David Liguori  (Donuts, Coffee)

Sandy’s Fruit Emporium (Apples)  Goddess Family

Honey Dew   (Cookies)  Everett Blanchard Family

Mc Quades Cake  McQuade Family?

Pizza Lady Pizza?

Walmart Water?

Mario Celico     Dustys (Ice Cream)

Richard Longolucco (fried dough) Nicholas & Marisa Longolucco

Allyson Manfredi   Vesta Bakery donated dough

Christ Church (Cookies)

Pic Pockets ?

Munro Dairy Milk Products   Mr. Jay Moran

Flowers by Pleasant Acres  The Levcowich Family



Heidi from WBLQ?



Westerly Sun                                                                                                                                                                  

WBLQ Chris DiPaola &. Brian Sullivan  CD

COX Arti Houlihan  Ad


Photos  Samantha Foden?



Pride in Westerly and its Citizens: 


Clergy & Congregations

Honorable Members Westerly Town Council

Town Manager Steven Hartford

Chief of Staff Sharon Ahern 

Town Clerk Donna Giordano, Deputy Town Clerk Mary LeBlanc,

Secretary  Jen Stott

Attorney Michele Buck

Chief Edward St.Claire

Westerly Police & Town Manager provided 2CSO’S ?

Westerly Fire Dep. Chief Sayles provides place to cook dough, and parking in their lot

Town of Westerly provides a stipend of $500.00, Flowers in Planters,? and Parking next to Town Hall and in front of Christ Church 


*To be updated:   DPW Peter Chiaradio   Sam DeBartolo  Wayne Palumbo  services for set up and break down


Active Neighbor Day Committee:                                                                                                               

Chairwomen and Coordinator to IT Dept Mary Jane DiMaio,   Co.Chair Rita H. Deane, Treasurer Melinda Boeglin, Secretary Caroline Komoroski, Dan Lapointe Entertainment Chair, Christopher Koretski, Joy Cordio ( Warm Representative)                        Melita Seibel, Samantha Foden,

Recreation Board Volunteers: * Andrew Barber, Bob Gingerella

Coordinator for Council: President Diana Serra &Liaison: Councilor Kenneth Parrilla    

IT Dept. Caroline Komoroski & John Moretta




Your Participation is welcomed call 348-2500 or Mary Jane at 596-8213

Town Hall Applications available to join the Neighbor Day committee at town hall, or on line at

Be sure to participate in all Events on Neighbor Day May 20th 2012  

Westerly Adult Day Care, Warm, Jonneycake, WoodRiver Health Services “Commitment to Change”


New London, Ct.  Neighbor Day Celebration by Mayor Daryl Finizio Esq. Coordinator Lorraine Simister


 Wilcox Park Garden Market Fair


Christ Church Living Closet and Cell Phone Donations 






Pass it on to your neighbor in cyberspace by e-mail, facebook, twitter or just by saying Hello!,

“Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”…

Sound familiar?


God Bless You and God Bless America!

Thank You for Participating