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newredaniWe are desperately looking for someone who is willing to becom

Chairman and Co-Chairman for this annual event.

Anyone interested can fill out an application.

in the Town Clerks office for joining the Neighbor Day Committee.

Elections for new officers, will be held at a future meeting.

Neighborday 2014




Event License†††† 2014 Proclamation



Pictures from ourNeighborday Celebration in 2014.


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A Neighbor

What is a neighbor?

It is someone who might just smile and say hello

It might be that person with a helping hand

A person who responds back with a wave or a smile

A person with a kind word and a hug when it is needed

Maybe someone with a hot meal when things are going tough

A person who doesnít judge you on what or donít have

A person who might have moved away but still stays in touch

A Neighbor can be just anybody, we are all neighbors donít you think?


Written by Tom Nall

Pictures from Previous Celebrations


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Meeting Minutes held in 2013

Minutes from February 6. 2013†††††† Minutes from March 6, 2013††††††††† Minutes from April 3, 2013†††††††† Minutes from May 1, 2013


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In 2012, we sent our Neighbor Day Proclamation to the Queen and she replied

with this wonderful letter and folder from her Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

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An Answer to Hate Crimes & Prejudice

Celebrated each year, the Sunday
before Memorial Day Weekend

Neighbor Day has been recognized in the town of Westerly since 1993 and in the state of Rhode Island as well as Boys Nation, presented by Daryl Finizio of Westerly, since 1994.

In 1993 the town of Westerly suffered a tragedy involving teenagers, which resulted in one youth losing his life and another his freedom. Out of this misfortune Neighbor Day was born with the idea of producing equality, respect, dignity, justice but most of all love for our neighbor. In order to accomplish this task, it is important to get to know our neighbor. Since the Neighbor Day inception, public open houses are organized to encourage brotherhood within the community. Town officials and local businesses and business leaders usually coordinate these socials. Individual families also host open houses inviting friends and neighbors into their homes in order to bolster friendships within their own neighborhoods. In addition, interaction via a simple letter/fax/Internet (e-mail) identifying oneself and indicating sincere concern for one another is encouraged. A simple "hello, my name is....I'm thinking of you and praying for you" would be adequate.


Neighbor Day will hopefully bring all neighbors together - past, present, and future.... a day for us to celebrate and learn what Neighbor Day is all about. "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself" is a great Commandment past down through the ages and recognized in our daily life. Love of Neighbor should also be a part of one's life, not only on Neighbor Day, but everyday for everyone.


Neighbor Day's Goal is National and Worldwide Recognition. Through the efforts of Senator Claiborne Pell and Senator Jack Reed, the Resolution -Town of Westerly was recorded in the Congressional Record (Re-link) on January 26, 1996.


In 1996, Town of Westerly Resolution was placed in the Bureau of International Organizations at the Department of State, Washington, DC. By Ambassador Albright. We ask the question: What is happening with this? Can anyone find out?







March 13, 1997. Senators Walsh and Algiere Date Introduced resolution proclaiming Sunday May 25 1997 as "Neighbor Day".

View Senate Resolution S 0916 (Re-link to Sec of State).


May 21, 1999. General Assembly Press Release (Re-link to Sec of State). Rep. Peter Lewiss proposes "Happy†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Neighbor Day" for Sunday before Memorial Day.


†††† May 21, 1999 New Legislation. Neighbor Day (thanks to the Westerly Town Council asking for an Act like Flag Day) passed the General Assembly with signature of Governor Almond. Since it now an Act and put it into Law, we do not have to ask for a Resolution each year; it will be automatic in Rhode Island. Let's ask people in other cities and towns in Rhode Island to make sure it gets on their Calendars. Representative Peter Lewiss in the House and Senator Algiere in Senate made it possible with other legislators. View State of Rhode Island Public Law 14 (Re-link to Sec of State).


Click here ŗ Senate Resolution 650 National Neighbor Day Great News! We have an email from Canada that they have started a

NEIGHBOR DAY IN MAY (NEIGHBOUR DAY)! They downloaded our information from our website!





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